Congratulations on purchasing the ServSafe Online Food Manager Examination Retake.

Please follow the instructions below while waiting for your code to generate. You will receive your access code in a separate email.

The ServSafe Food Manager Exam is a 90 question test covering the entirety of current food codes. The exam is strictly proctored for academic integrity, and you must score 75% or higher in order to pass. You will have up to 2 hours to complete the test, with additional time required for set up - plan on at least 3-4 hours. You may not use notes, or be around other people while taking the exam. Keep all of this in mind when scheduling your appointment. 


Before Scheduling Your Exam:

  • Verify your login info. If you do not already have an account on you will need to create one before the exam. This is a different site than you completed the course on, and you need to create another login. If you have been ServSafe Certified in the past you likely already have an account - contact the student helpline at 1-800-765-2122 if you need help accessing that account/retrieving your login and password.  

  • Study your course materials - now that you've completed the online course, it's a good idea to review the information you struggled with earlier. Make sure you feel confident about all of the topics in the Food Manager Fundamentals book before taking your test. Remember a practice test and the Food Codes are available here

  • Ensure you have the proper equipment and environment available for testing.  View ProctorU's Pre-Exam Checklist for exam day guidelines.   


To Schedule Your ServSafe Manager Online Exam via ProctorU:


  • Bookmark and review the ServSafe Manager Online Proctor Exam Instructions for future reference.

  • Register on ProctorU for account creation and exam scheduling.

  • Test your system for compliance PRIOR to the exam date while also downloading the ProctorU extension for Chrome or Firefox. (ProctorU will email you directions on how to do this.)

  • ProctorU’s exam reservation reminder will provide testing login instructions.

  • You must choose "ServSafe Food Manager" when selecting the organization.

  • Make sure you have your Exam Access Code available at exam time. This is a unique code, and cannot be reissued if compromised. Treat this code like a gift card and only enter it when prompted by your proctor: YOUR CODE WILL ARRIVE IN A SEPARATE EMAIL

Exam Code Tips: If you are having trouble entering your exam code during your test, try typing it out instead of copy/pasting. Be sure to include the dashes. There are no letter O's or o's, but there are zeros (numerical) in some codes. Codes are case sensitive. 



If you need assistance or have any questions about the exam, please contact ProctorU directly. We are unable to assist with scheduling, technology issues, or ProctorU policies. 


Your Exam Access ServSafe Food Manager Testing Code(s):

You have 180 days (Six Months) to use your exam access code(s)

once sent via email. You will receive this code when your online Food Manager Class is completed, If you do not receive this code, please email: The Six months begins when this email is sent to you. If you do not schedule your examination and utilize this code within six months, it will expire and you will need to purchase a new one. 

Thank You and Good Luck!


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